Marking technology

BOWLIX feature 1
High –precision laser making is possible because control performance of the laser impact range is high.
BOWLIX feature 2
Corresponding performance of the various materials is high. Optimum laser marking is possible according to the material to be printed.
BOWLIX feature 3
Comply with a small printing space by printing fine code. Also the invasive range to print subject can be minimized by this feature.
Commissioned Processing
We will take a laser marking contract processing on various materials.




Marking sample
[➀Printing subject ②Code size ③Amount of data]

➀SUS ②3mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 25

➀Rubber ②5mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 122

➀Silicon wafer ②0.08mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 10

➀Polyimide ②0.3mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 222

➀FOSB ②6mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 15

➀Metal frame ②2mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 10

➀Medical tube ②0.8mm□ ③Alphanumeric characters 15
Tempered glass       Aluminum
Size of characters:0.5mm□    Size of characters:5mm□