"Bowlix" is a trademark of our laser products.

"Bowlix" is a trademark of our laser products.
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Bowlix marking technology
  • All 2 dimensional code markings are done by dot markings.
  • Clean, clear, high-identifiable, high-quality marking.
  • Original Bowlix laser control soft ware.
Super imperceptible 2 dimensional code
  • Marking based on original 2 dimensional code cell forming theory.
  • Variable function of 2 dimensional code dot cell number.
  • Precise marking of several micron 2 dimensional code.
BXD Laser series (New)
  • High function marking by digital method.
  • Small and light weight type.
  • Super fine marking and micro-fabrication
  • BXD Laser series: 1064nm, 532nm
BXD Laser series (Option)
  • Auto focus system with various focus range.
  • Production schedule control with camera adaptor.