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“BOWLIX” is a patented technology on laser marking of the 2D code.

Effect of BOWLIX 1
Can be printed 2D code with a high reading accuracy.
Effect of BOWLIX 2
Can be printed 2D code with a high rust resistance on the metal.
Effect of BOWLIX 3
Can be printing a fine 2D code.



Sales format of BOWLIX

Patent licensing     :Provide extra value on the existing laser markers.
Commissioned processing of laser marking  :Contract processing for various materials.
Laser marking devices    :Sell laser markers optimized to the implementation of the patent.
2D code generated by BOWLIX is readable by smartphones
 Work:SUS,Smartphone:SONY Xperia ZL2 SOL25,Code reader application:i-nigma reader   Alphanumeric Character 28 2mm□~    Alphanumeric Character 54 3mm□~    Alphanumeric Character 74 4mm□~